July 2018 Update

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The current four options are basically similar in style, using a combination of Chinese and Western styles. It represents the lineage of our founder, Venerable Master Hsuan Hua, who is from China. It also represents how Buddhism has begun to develop in the West and has integrated with the local culture.

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The sizes of the classrooms will affect the structure, and the outside appearance will be different.


Corridor heights are different: Some people think that it’s more grand when the corridors are high (A1B1), some people think that the corridors should be lower (A2B2) to shield people from the rain and sunlight.

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Main Hall design features:

With a height limit of 50 feet, we still managed to design a roof of traditional Chinese. With simple lines, the curved roof was expressed. With corridor and beams, people’s expectation for a Buddhist look was achieved. It has the grandness of a traditional Great Jewel Hall of Heroes.

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在外觀牆面和窗戶設計。我們採用西方古典主義的設計。以幾何橫向的線條。表現出修道寧靜、穩定的氣息。古典主義認為建築和一切藝術均須有像數學一樣明確的規則和規範, 這也代表佛教的戒律,也是西方文化之一。

For the exterior wall and window, we used Western classical design. With geometric horizontal lines, it expresses a quiet, stable atmosphere. Classicism believes that architecture and all art must have rules and norms that are as clear as mathematics. This also represents Buddhist precepts, which is also one of the Western cultures.

比丘尼會議簡報Scheme Comparison 0614 9在外觀上,我們自然的結合了東西建築文化的特色,做為IIPE大雄寶殿的外觀設計。給人安定、穩重、雄偉、不誇張、不浪費的實在家風。

In terms of appearance, we naturally combined the features of Eastern and Western architectural cultures as the design of IIPE Main Hall. It gives people the feeling of our tradition – content, stability, grandeur, no exaggeration, and no waste.

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In practical aspect, the best features of the waterproof, heat-proof and simple maintenance of the roof were designed. The upper window has the effect of lighting, ventilation, and rapid cooling.



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