妙覺山建設動工 News release 5/21/2020更新

IIPE groundbreaking妙覺建設動工

Construction Work for the

Wonderful Enlightenment Mountain Project Has Started

慶祝 萬佛聖城開山祖師 宣公上人百歲誕辰,萬佛聖城東區妙覺山建計劃(亦名國際哲學倫理研究院取得一項期待已久的重大進展201857日,第一期工程開始整地,並於626日獲得曼都仙諾縣府批准第一期工程的建築施工許可(building permit)。

To observe the centennial of Venerable Master Hsuan Hua’s birthday, there has been a significant development in a major project: The grading work has started since May 7, 2018 and the building permit was obtained on June 26, 2018 for the first-stage construction of the Wonderful Enlightenment Mountain Project (a.k.a. International Institute of Philosophy and Ethics).


IIPE groundbreaking Abbot.JPG


At the summit of Wonderful Enlightenment Mountain,

Dragons fly about and lions dance,

Within the inherent Buddha nature,

Dwell in samadhi, at ease like an immortal.

Another version of translation:

Dragons soar and lions dance at the summit of Wonderful Enlightenment Mountain,
Rest in samadhi and be free like an immortal in your inherent Buddha-nature.

—by Venerable Master Hsuan Hua


妙覺山建計劃工程監督委員會於616日晚間曾於萬佛聖城大殿簡報,指出2016年因溼地面積擴大,因此申請將工程預定地向北移400呎,於該年11月獲縣議會通過此項建地許可(use permit)修正案。第一期工程與新佛殿用地經北移後,得以位於工程預定地的最高點而遠離溼地,更符合環保精神



On June 16th, the construction oversight committee for the Wonderful Enlightenment Mountain Project gave a short presentation in the CTTB Buddha Hall. They pointed out that in 2016 there was wetland expansion that required the team request to move the project 400 feet north. This was approved. The Mendocino County Board of Supervisors voted to issue a revised use permit in November, 2016. Buildings of the first construction phase and the new Buddha Hall will now be located on the highest point of the proposed construction area and far away from the wetland. Hence, they are much more environmentally-friendly.

website courtyard #2 4-5-19

65 BH


北京廣濟寺方丈  上演下覺大和尚於2019年2月23日蒞臨妙覺佛教學院工地參訪。



靈隱寺方丈  上光下泉大和尚於2019年2月23日蒞臨妙覺佛教學院工地參訪。


真如禪寺方丈  上純下聞大和尚與中華民國佛教會副理事長,台北海明寺、大雄精舍、台中中天寺方丈  上明下光大和尚於2019年2月23日蒞臨妙覺佛教學院工地參訪。ZhenRu (True Suchness) Monastery’s abbot, the Venerable Chun Wen, along with the Republic of China’s Buddhist Association’s Vice Chairman / Taipei Hai Ming Monastery’s abbot / Da Xiong Viahara, Tai Chung Tian Zhong Monastery’s abbot, the Venerable Ming Kuang, visited the site on February 23rd, 2019.


來自英國的阿瑪諾長老比丘與無畏寺的多位客僧於本年(2018)十一月五日由方丈律法師親自陪同參訪IIPE工地,簡報工程進度。Ajahn Amaro from UK and several monks from the Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery visited the IIPE project site on Nov 5th, 2018. Abbot DM Lyu hosted the tour and introduced the construction schedule.



2018-11-01 10.06.19

2018-11-01 10.04.02


Phase 1 #1

phase 1 #7



消防自動噴水系統100%完工    Fire sprinkler systems 100% completion

phase 1 +2

2017817日,獲得整地許可(grading permit)。但因已接近雨季,縣政府規定每年10月中旬至次年4月中旬不得整地,因此將整地工程延至20185月。多年來眾所期盼的妙覺佛教學院興建計劃,在法總四眾弟子一心一德共同努力之下,終於在今年展開第一期工程的施工,逐步實現「為法界眾生興建一座智慧與慈悲燈塔」的願景,並以此初步的成果作為 宣公上人百歲誕之獻禮。

The grading permit was received on August 17th, 2017, but as the rainy season drew, Mendocino County specified that no grading work would be allowed from mid-October to mid-April during the rainy season. Hence, the grading work was delayed until May 2018. This year, the well-anticipated Wonderful Enlightenment Mountain Project finally began its first stage of construction because of the collected effort made wholeheartedly by the fourfold assembly of the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association. Step by step, we are realizing the vision of “building a beacon of wisdom and compassion for all living beings of the Dharma Realm. We are presenting this preliminary accomplishment as an offering in honor of the centennial of Venerable Master Hua’s birthday.

Team Bodhi at E1

General Contractor Team Bodhi Inc 營造承包工程的菩提團隊。




總承包商菩提團隊與專業承包商已經完成E1, E2,E3 比丘寮房的水泥外牆,屋頂結構,屋頂防水與部份的内部隔間,水電等工程。General contractor Team Bodhi Inc has finished waterproofing of building E1, E2, E3 and started to do its interior construction.




第一期五棟之外牆屋頂完工 Completion of the Stucco wall and tile roof of phase 1


整地承包商已經完成第一期工程的道路,整地,防洪設施,與五棟建築物的外牆、屋頂、水電等進度。Sub-contractors Gregg Simpson and Shannon Masonry have completed the rough grading of the entire phase 1A contour lines, 5 buildings’  CMU ( Concrete Masonry Units) wall, plumbing, electrical, storm water prevention plan, erosion control and roadway alignment .


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